Windows 10

Announced so far:


Aaaaaaaand that's that from Microsoft....Windows 10, Cortana, Project Spartan, Surface Hub, HoloLens and more. You can read all about it by clicking the links at the top of this page.

Thanks for tuning in to our inaugural live blog using our new system and we'll see you all soon....using out holographic computers no doubt.


Terry Myerson is back on stage for a recap, talking about its Build conference later this year and saying Windows 10 will be launched "later this year" which isn't very helpful...


Satya Nadella signs off by saying "We wants Windows 10 to be the most loved version of Windows yet."


Nadella now telling us his personal Windows story, becasue that's what we need 2 hours and 15 minutes into a presentation...


Nadella outlining how Windows is going to be at the heart of everything Microsoft is going to do for the next decade. "There is nothing subtle about this approach, it is practical."


Satya Nadella says Microsoft wants to go from people needing Windows to wanting Windows to eventually loving Windows. Windows 10 built for a world where there will be more devices on the planet than people. Windows 10 built for a world where you are not consuming lots of data but you are generating it.

"Windows 10 ushers in a era of more personal computing in a mobile first, cloud first world."

Satya Nadella Windows 10 launch
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on stage at the launch of Windows 10


Anyway, with HoloLens out of the way, CEO Satya Nadella is out on stage...


As Tom Morgan pointed out on Twitter, Microsoft calling this a holographic system and not augmented reality is odd considering to see any of the interface you need to be wearing a headset


We're now getting a live demo of the HoloLens, using HoloStudio to create a hologram of a quadcopter. There are voice and gesture controls being used simultaneously.

However, the poor woman giving the demo looks ridiculous when we can't see the interface...

HoloLens demonstration
Demonstration of HoloLens


Personally I can't see the appeal of strapping on a big pair of goggles to see a weather update or take a Skype call...


Microsoft showing a video of developers talking about HoloLens and how it is the next computing platform...

That was science fiction, and now we're bringing it into science fact.


These are Microsoft's new HoloLens goggles which is "the most advanced holographic computer ever created" according to Kipman. Microsoft invented a new holographic processing unit to help map your environment without the need for any markers, phones, wires or a connection to a PC.

It also has a high-end CPU and GPU included.

Microsoft HoloLens goggles
Microsoft\'s HoloLens which features a holographic processing unit. Microsoft


Basically the video shows a headset allowing you to overlay graphics and video on any real world object allowing remote collaboration in real time. Implications include talking to customers while on site, surgeons learning a new technique remotely and turning your living room into a gaming environment.

Every Windows 10 device has holographic API enabled.


This looks like technology from every science fiction film of the last 20 years. "This is the world of holograms, and today you will see that it is real."


Windows Holographic.....

Windows Holographic
Windows Holographic looks like science fiction


Kipman talking about taking technology and brining it into our world, rather than immersing ourselves in technology


Alex Kipman is on stage to talk about.....something


Now that the Surface Hub is out of the way Myerson is back to introduce the other big new hardware reveal...


Microsoft showing off Skype for Business on the Surface Hub, trying to show how meetings could be better. Seems like a bit of a stretch. Not sure what the big advantage here is for businesses. Think it could have been something Microsoft needed but not many others do...


Here we go with some new hardware.

The Surface Hub is an 84in 4k display with built in sensors, speakers, mics, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth "to unlock the power of the group in the workplace.

Microsoft Sufacre Hub 84in display
The Surface Hub is a 4K 84in smart display featuring Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, touchscreen, camera and more.


So that's it from Xbox, gaming and Phil Spencer. Next up should be some new hardware....we think. Here's Terry Myserson back on stage to announce a new build of Windows 10 will be released next week with the first build of Windows 10 on phones coming in February


With Windows 10 you will be able to play Xbox exclusive games on your PC with a new streaming service...

Xbox games streaming to PCs with Windows 10
Phil Spenser showing Forza Horizons streaming from an Xbox One to a Windows 10 PC Screengrab