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Microsoft has already issued a major patch for Windows 10 on day one of its launch, fixing bugs and making the overall experience better Reuters

One of the key (and controversial) features of the consumer edition of Windows 10 is that it will be automatically updated over time and Microsoft has begun the process by issuing a huge 1GB patch just hours after the new operating system was launched. Microsoft flagged up the large update in the days leading up to the launch and within hours of Windows 10 being made available in 190 countries around the world on 29 July, it rolled out the update - but given the fact most people won't have downloaded the new OS at that point, they will not have noticed the change.

The download is 500MB in size but expands to 1GB when installed according to the website WinBeta, which first reported the day one upgrade. Those upgrading their PCs will be installing Windows 10 with a build number 10240.16384.150725-1815.th1 alongside the update which has the memorable name KB3074683 which will automatically be downloaded and applied during the upgrade process.

Microsoft has been working hard to get Windows 10 ready for its consumer launch this week, and it has clearly been ironing out the kinks in the system right up to the last minute. An indication of just how tight the deadline was is the lack of Windows 10 PCs being available on launch day as manufacturers only got access to the final version of Windows 10 as recently as 15 July.

Microsoft says the update includes "improvements to enhance the functionality of Windows 10" and addresses three security vulnerabilities within the system - one of which addresses the flaw which was being exploited by Hacking Team's powerful surveillance tools.

It is unclear just what issues the update addresses, but WinBeta says it "fixes bugs, and improves underlying system code for consumers". The automatic update policy for Windows 10 Home has caused some concerns, although it is widely seen as a positive step, as users will always have the latest updates installed and security vulnerabilities with be patched.

Microsoft has however released a "Show or hide updates" tool for those who want to turn off the automatic updates on Windows 10 Home, and while the process is a little involved, there is a good step-by-step guide available here.

Here are the download links in case you want to get the update manually: