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Microsoft has finally started rolling out its first major update for Windows 10 with a bunch of new features and improvements that will enhance the overall experience of the operating system. Some noteworthy features include improved Start menu with access to a fourth column of tiles, updated context menus across the OS, and Cortana with enhanced handwriting recognition and missed call notifications.

The Microsoft Edge browser also gets a performance and security update with the November build of Windows 10 update. However, the update is affected with a specific bug that prevents the Windows 10 update from installing correctly. In other words, the update reportedly stops responding or gets stuck when installation reaches 44% mark.

Microsoft has reportedly admitted that some devices using SD bus with an SD card inserted may experience some issues while trying to install the update. However, the company has suggested a temporary fix for the problem: remove the SD card from the affected computers, before proceeding with the installation.

As the update consumes considerable storage space for the upgrade, Microsoft recommends the use of USB storage device instead of the SD card to complete the installation.


  • Back up your important data and settings on the computer to prevent unexpected data loss, during the installation of this update.
  • Disconnect all unessential peripheral devices from your computer to avoid unexpected compatibility issues with the Windows 10 November update.

Here is how to clean up hard-drive space for Windows 10 November update using Windows Cleanup tool:

How to cleanup hard drive space for Windows 10 November update

1. Launch File Explorer and navigate to This PC.

2- Right-click on the Windows drive (typically the C: drive), and select Properties.

3- Click the Disk Cleanup button and then hit the Cleanup system files button.

4- In the ensuing list select the files you want to delete, click OK and select Delete Files.

How to fix Windows 10 November update getting stuck at 44% during installation

  • Members of Windows Insider program have reportedly been affected with some installation bug that fails Windows 10 November update on their computers.
Windows 10 November update
How to disable Windows Insider preview builds Windows Central
  • If you are among the affected users, try disabling installation of new preview builds from Settings > Update and Security > Advanced Options.
  • Gabriel Aul, Microsoft's Vice President of WDG Engineering systems team, has suggested via Twitter that a small timing issue with a queued preview build could be the root cause of the problem, which should actually get sorted out after a re-scan.

[Source: Windows Central]