Microsoft's Xbox One is all geared up to receive the massive backwards compatibility feature along with the Windows 10-powered dashboard update on 12 November. However, the backwards compatibility feature alone cannot guarantee that all Xbox 360 game titles will work flawlessly on the new Microsoft game console.

Microsoft is likely to release some compatibility updates or patches for some select game titles in order to support them on the Xbox One platform. Consequently, the company will limit the number of Xbox 360 titles that will run on Xbox One, following its new update.

Although there is no official word on which games are being supported on Xbox One following its Windows 10-powered update, the folks at XboxDynasty claim to have secured the leaked official list of game titles that support backwards compatibility.

Check out the full list of compatible game titles from Xbox 360 to Xbox One in the leaked screenshot (below), which includes all the Halo titles released till date as well as the classics such as Bioshock and Saints Row. Note: The image has been credited to another website, Dr. Windows.

Xbox One backwards compatibility update
Xbox One backwards compatibility: Full list of Xbox 360 games leaked Dr.Windows