Windows 9
A leaked screenshot of Windows 9 Technical Preview.

New details about what is known as virtual desktops for Windows 9 have surfaced.

One of the key elements of the Windows Threshold update is the virtual desktops. The Redmond-based tech major has been rumoured to add the feature that is already available on other platforms such as Ubuntu and OS X. The virtual desktops are expected to support functionality similar to Ubuntu.

Neowin reports that virtual desktops might not be part of the Windows 9 operating system. Instead, Microsoft might opt for something that is consumer-friendly and this feature is likely to be called "multi-tasking".

Microsoft's move is aimed at not discouraging non-technical users from using the new productivity tool.

A swipe from the left side of the screen opens a manager area allowing easy navigation between the open desktops. This functionality is believed to be like an advanced alt+tab tool, which is again not a new feature for Windows users.

Currently, there is not much information as to the total number of desktops that can be opened at the same time, but it will be only a few.

Users will get to know more about the Windows 9, once it becomes available at the end of this month. Microsoft is planning a press event on 30 September to announce the details of Windows Threshold. The company will release the Preview version of Windows 9 on that day.