Windows 9
A leaked screenshot of Windows 9

Recently, we came across a new build version of Windows 9 (9834), which revealed a number of features of the upcoming desktop operating system via screenshots. The build also reveals one of the most anticipated features - the virtual desktop.

The German site, WinFuture has now highlighted the functionality of the virtual desktop feature extracted from build 9834 via videos and leaked screenshots.

The virtual desktop has been rumoured for quite a long time. The feature, which is already available on other platforms such as Ubuntu and OS X, is expected to support functionality similar to Ubuntu.

For the uninitiated, virtual desktops create multiple desktops, allow opening applications and then switching between the desktops to view other applications.

This feature, explains Neowin, is believed to be helpful for devices with smaller screens or desktops having one monitor where two desktop layouts can be made.

The video demonstration, (check out video below) suggests that clicking the multi-desktop icon, located at the taskbar and next to the search option, opens desktops and allows switching between them.

By clicking on the button, users can open additional desktops. Also, clicking the "add a desktop" option helps create a new workspace.

The video does not show the maximum number of desktops that can be opened but it shows numerous desktops being added without Windows indicating any limitations.


<center><center>Below are the leaked screenshots of virtual desktops on Windows 9 from build 9834.<center>