West Londoner Angela Schlegel was admitted to a hospital with COVID-19 symptoms. After contracting the novel coronavirus, Schlegel's condition rapidly deteriorated. Her doctors discovered that she had an undiagnosed heart condition. Schlegel claims that even though she nearly died due to the virus, it led to the diagnosis of the heart condition. The discovery could save her life in the long run. Making a miraculous recovery, Schlegel was back home after weeks in the hospital.

The 36-year-old asthma patient reportedly showed symptoms of a novel coronavirus infection for 11 days. Finally, on March 22, she was taken to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. At the hospital, Schlegel underwent tests and scans. Scans of her chest showed that there was fluid accumulation around her heart and lungs. Due to the issue, her health declined rapidly.

Schlegel was transferred to the intensive care unit in London's Royal Brompton Hospital. At Royal Brompton, doctors diagnosed her with eosinophilic granulomatosis with polyangiitis (EGPA). EGPA is a rare vascular disease which can affect the patient's lungs, sinuses, skin, heart, intestinal tract, kidneys, nerves and other organs.

In Schlegel's case, the EGPA put her heart under a lot of stress. Doctors informed her that the coronavirus accelerated the EGPA, resulting in her declining health.

Speaking to BBC, Schlegel stated that she had been going to her doctor regularly after being diagnosed with asthma. Yet, she had no idea that she had such a rare heart condition which could have been fatal if left undiagnosed. She emphasised that she could have "dropped dead" due to the undiagnosed health condition in the future. Schlegel, a Learning and Development Manager at The Natural History Museum, had to fight for her recovery after the diagnosis.

Over the course of five weeks, Schlegel made a miraculous recovery, the Daily Mail reported. Her doctor, Pugan Patel, shared that when she was admitted to the hospital, her heart was functioning at ten per cent. Patel reiterated that Schlegel's autoimmune disorder made her condition critical. Seeing her recover raised the morale of the hospital staff. After her recovery, Schlegel paid tribute to the hospital staff and shared her story.

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Woman claims COVID-19 saved her life after she was diagnosed with a rare heart disease.