Like any successful entertainer, James Blunt has his share of critics who scrutinise his every move and utilise any opportunity to take a dig. Now the You're Beautiful hitmaker has revealed just how he deals with online trolls. Speaking to Chris Evans on his Radio 2 breakfast show, the King of Comebacks said that the best way to deal with faceless haters was not to get emotional.

Asked when and how he decided to start confronting the keyboard warriors, the former army captain said: "Pretty much straight away. I'm sure you must have experienced the same sort of thing. I was in the army so we all used to take the micky out of each other so I supposed that's where it started."

He went on to remind listeners that trolls "are complete strangers" tweeting from the privacy of their own home adding they're "probably very lonely people actually. So I think it was just not to take it too seriously."

Blunt, who has sold more than 20 million records, continued: "And laugh with it. Because we should be entertained with it rather than offended."

"I think in this business you probably need it [thicker skin] because you put music out and some people are gonna like it and some people aren't. What is weird is that we always focus on these negative things. I can do a concert for 20,000 people and if I'm asked in an interview I'm not asked about the 20,000 people, I'm always asked about the one negative tweet."

Blunt, 42, who is set to make a comeback in March with his album The Afterlove, also revealed that he is taking his music in a new direction. "It's a bit different, its not necessarily me on my guitar, writing weepy miserable songs. It's got a bit of a different vibe to it so I'm a bit nervous about putting it out really. I'm asking people to have an open mind to it."

When asked if he was still good he said: "yep, be afraid be very afraid, I'm back. It's been amazing."