A sex doll company has crafted a prototype head for its latest salacious creation - a mechanical robot with silicone skin that is controlled using a smartphone app and a PlayStation controller.

The doll bonce, dubbed the DS Doll Robotic Head, is the co-handiwork of Japanese company Doll Sweet Dolls and China's EX Doll. The companies claim the disembodied prototype has a "stunningly beautiful" face thanks to the work of makeup artists and the skin-like silicone finish that is layered over the mechanical 'skull'.

The doll is capable of voice recognition and will reportedly fit on sex doll bodies that can simulate breathing, and whose flexible appendages allow them to "move as a real person."

The robo-head can also respond to 'queries', but currently can only speak (and, if you're into it, sing) in Mandarin Chinese.

The creation of English and Japanese-speaking versions relies on the success of a crowdfunding campaign expected at a later date.

"This is the next step of teledildonics reality; it's at the forefront of adult tech and is really the Bugatti Veyron of VR," Paul Lumb, head of Europe's only authorised seller of EX Dolls, Cloud Climax, told the Daily Mail.

"EX Dolls have been working on a robotics head since 2014, but we're generations away from a Terminator-style cyborg," he also explained. "They will have an element of natural conversation so they won't sound too robotic, but they will take time – languages are massive [...] the voice recognition is no different to a smartphone, but this model also has facial expressions, unlike standard silicone heads."

The DS Doll's manufacturers are hoping to release a finalised robotic head by the end of 2018. It is expected to cost around £4,500. Just in case you were wondering, underneath the silicon skin it looks like this.

DS Doll sex robot head underneath skin
The horror... DS Dolls / EX Doll / Cloud Climax