An Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign for a virtual reality sex toy slash video game controller has been put to bed for a couple of weeks due to a far greater demand than the developers had anticipated. The device provides real-time feedback based on what's happening on screen in an accompanying game called Girls of Arcadia.

The campaign (since pulled) promised to "take adult gaming to the next level" and had raised $7,000 (£4,780) of its $20,000 goal before the plug was pulled and the developers returned to the drawing board to put together a plan that would support the high demand.

A tweet from the VirtuaDolls Twitter account said the campaign would only be down for a couple of weeks. When asked if this was good news in a follow-up tweet, the account responded: "Yes! The response has been crazy. We have to double our team size. Just want to do what's best for the adult gaming community."

The device is shaped like a toaster with handles, with a hole in the front, for... well... ask your parents. Inside is a removable tube (for cleaning!) in which there is a sleeve that can be switched out for one of the six available in different textures. Here's how the device reacts to the on-screen "action".

Warning: you cannot unsee this animated gif.

VirtuaDolls Twerk Gif
Good heavens VirtuaDolls

The device includes "several innovative features which create a mindblowing experience," including a "programmable pressure gripper" and a "stroke motion" with variable speed.

There's also a video explaining the premise, and how the compatible PC game works. Girls of Arcadia tasks players with saving young women and then being presented with their happy ending. If they're impatient (or if their parents will be home soon) they can also bypass all the tricky demon slaying and enter "Sim" mode, which lets them pick a virtual girl and go nuts.

I feel sick.