Jinder Mahal is the new king of SmackDown Live. He achieved the incredible feat by defeating 13-time WWE champion Randy Orton at Backlash over the weekend.

The Maharaja's win over the Viper was shocking for some fans. It was unimaginable for them that Mahal, who until last year was a jobber, could beat a decorated fighter like Orton.

While some fans are not pleased at Mahal being the new WWE champion, many others along with WWE stars have praised the Canadian-born wrestler of Indian origin. Even Vince McMahon has congratulated Mahal for his impressive show at the pay-per-view event.

Mahal, in a recent interview with Wrestling Inc, was asked how McMahon reacted to his win over Orton.

He said, "The backstage reaction has been very good. Vince was very happy. He was really proud of me because Vince knows how much work I've put in."

He said he has told McMahon that he will perform much better with every fight or appearance.

"I told Vince, 'Hey Vince, my goal is to come back every week and improve. Every time you see me perform I'm going to get better on the mic, going to get better in the ring and I'll be in better shape every week," he said. "I think Vince really appreciates that and WWE is a place where they reward hard work and I'm an example of that."

When asked if he had any thoughts about Brock Lesnar working as a part-timer, Mahal said the Beast Incarnate has earned it but said he is willing to show the Universal champion want it means to be a "true champion".

"I have no problem with Brock Lesnar being a part-timer because he's earned that spot. He's a multiple time champion in WWE, a former UFC Champion, NCAA amateur wrestling champion so his accolades speak for themselves. He's at a point where he calls the shots and he decides whether he'll be part-time or full-time. I'm young, I'm hungry. This is my first taste of WWE gold. I only want more and I'm not satisfied. I want to retire, when it's all said and done, as one of the greats," he said.

"My message to Brock is that the Maharaja does what it takes to be a true champion, a full-time fighting champion willing to take on anybody – whether it's Brock, Cena, Randy Orton, Roman Reigns or anybody."

Jinder Mahal
Jinder Mahal and Vince McMahon