The Xbox launch will start at 6PM BST on Tuesday and be broadcast live from the Microsoft campus in Redmond, Washington, running for one hour.

Xbox 720 launch Where to watch

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Microsoft has officially announced very little about the Xbox launch. We know a next-generation FIFA will be shown off on stage, as will the new Call of Duty game, Call of Duty: Ghosts, but other than that, the company is keeping schtum.

What we're expecting, though, is a lot of talk about consolidation. Microsoft's already sold off its internet TV service to Ericsson and there's speculation that a version of the Windows Store, which hosts games and apps, will be feature on the new Xbox's dashboard. We could see a living room PC-style machine, encompassing features like Windows Live Tiles, Windows Store, Skype and video streaming into one beneath-TV box.

Alternatively, that stuff could take the backburner and, like Sony, Microsoft may focus more on exclusive games and game developers. We've speculated already how the next console generation will be won by software rather than hardware, so aside from FIFA and CoD, we might get to see an armful of new games.

There's also a possibility we might see a new version of the Kinect, Kinect 2.0, which will track 25 as opposed to the original Kinect's 20 skeletal joints.

The event, hosted at Microsoft's development campus in Redmond, Washington, kicks off at 6PM and lasts an hour. There are a few places you can catch the live stream. is naturally hosting the event, and if you have an Xbox 360, you should have already seen the live tile pop up on the dashboard. Just hit that at 6 and you can watch the launch through your console.

Windows Phone users can also view the live stream so long as they've got the free Live Video Player app downloaded. Unfortunately there's no way to watch the launch on YouTube.

Ahead of the Xbox reveal, we've rounded up all the speculation and rumours around the console as well as some speculation and analysis of our own: