Yemen Unrest
Yemeni army soldiers lifted by anti-government protestors, chants slogans and wave their national flag as they celebrate President Ali Abdullah Saleh's departure to Saudi Arabia, in Sanaa, Yemen, Sunday, June 5, 2011 REUTERS/Ammar Awad

Yemen's President Ali Abdullah Saleh is alive and will soon make a nationwide address, a Yemeni government official said on Friday in response to conflicting reports of the president's death.

After the death of the president was reported and started to spread in the media, his deputy information minister Abdul al-Janadi said, "The president is well and he will address the people in one hour, there are some slight injuries among officials,"

The announcement came as earlier on a TV station run by the country's opposition reported that Saleh had died after an attack on the presidential palace mosque, as the uprising calling for the end of Saleh's three-decade long rule is still on-going.