The internet has allowed people to express their opinions freely, however, there are times when rude or offensive statements are posted. To deal with such circumstances, a number of social media platforms such as YouTube, have integrated a mechanism that will check whether a post is offensive.

The video platform is introducing a number of features that will be supporting diverse communities, NDTV reported. It will also encourage respectful interactions among its users. It will be warning users whenever a comment that they would post sounds rude or offensive to other people.

What YouTube will do is warn users whenever they are about to post what appears to be an offensive comment. Hence, it will make users reflect before they post.

The platform will also be testing a new filter in YT Studio. The new filter will look at potentially hurtful comments which have been held automatically for review. With this filter, the channel owners do not need to look at the comments if they do not want to.

In a blog post, the company also said that it has invested in a technology, which would help their systems better detect or remove hateful comments. They would take into consideration the topic of the video as well as the context of a particular comment. It revealed that since early 2019, they have already increased at 46 times more, the number of daily removals of hate speech comments. The company also revealed that in the last quarter, it has terminated more than 1.08 million channels as they violated YT policies.

YouTube stated that their goal is to make the social media platform a place where creators would be able to thrive long term. It also said that they have worked hard on this aspect but they have already heard concerns across various communities and they also want to ensure that their system does not reflect unintentional bias.

At present, YT is able to identify what a video is all about. However, it does not take into account the creator behind the video, or how they would identify. The company is currently working on how to identify potential gaps in their system, which could impact the opportunity of a creator in reaching its their potential.

YouTube to issue warning against offensive comments. Photo: Pixabay