While the MTV Video Music Awards night was shining with stars, YouTuber Tana Mongeau and musician H.E.R both thought of making it strange. They brought their special snake dates to the red carpet.

The 21-year-old Mongeau appeared on the Red Carpet wearing a gold-printed dress accessorised with a snake. Musician H.E.R similarly paid tribute to Britney Spears' legendary reptile moment by wrapping a snake around her shoulders. In 2001, Spears stole the VMA show with her "I'm a Slave 4 U" performance while holding up an albino snake.

The YouTube star recently exchanged vows with fellow YouTube sensation, Jake Paul. Mongeau said that her new friend, "Queen Lucy" the Boa constrictor, was her Monday night date. She told Fox News that "she's super happy to be here; we're just chilling." She also added that "The snake company that I'm working with, all of the proceeds and the money that they earn goes to rescuing a lot of snakes, especially out here on the East Coast."

2019 MTV VMA Awards
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She also said, "It's really cool and I'm super excited to be working with them." They had a snake handler with them. The duo posed for several clicks and gave interviews to the media.

While H.E.R secured three nominations including "Best New Artist," Twitter wasn't very excited about this new style. In fact, some of them commented: "Live Animals Are Not Accessories," while another comment read: "I swear to god y'all need to stop... animals are LIVING CREATURES, not handbags or accessories,"

PETA also took to Twitter and commented on their look and said, "Animals aren't jewellery or accessories–& dead or alive should not be worn on the red carpet. Snakes may not display stress & discomfort as obviously as other species do–they don't whine or flinch the way a dog might–but constant handling leaves them prone to illness & injury."

These wild creatures are meant to explore nature. They are not meant to be used as accessories or props. PETA also hoped that celebrities will consider these comments and act accordingly next time.