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Zoe Sugg started her YouTube channel in 2009 Zoella/YouTube

YouTube sensation-turned-entrepreneur Zoella has another reason to celebrate after amassing an impressive eight million subscribers.

The 25-year-old vlogger – born Zoe Sugg – reached the milestone after increasing her reach by seven million subscribers in just two years.

Fans of the popular YouTuber, who offers beauty and fashion tips, have since taken to social media to offer messages of support, with the hashtag #CongratsOn8MillionZoe trending on Twitter.

The milestone comes just weeks after it was revealed that she and 21-year-old boyfriend Alfie Deyes are to be turned into waxworks at London's Madame Tussauds.

Zoella previously admitted that while the couple were was "beyond excited", she initially felt that they didn't deserve the honour usually reserved for historical figures, Hollywood types, sportsmen and women and royalty.

"I felt very like: 'I don't deserve to be made into a wax figure and put in Madame Tussauds.' [But] I was also thinking this is one of the coolest things ever," she said in a vlog filmed on their visit to Madame Tussauds for their first fittings.

"Imagine in 10 years' time... I can tell my kids: 'They once made a wax figure of me...' You have to think beyond the now... YouTubers are taking over."

Since starting her video-blogging channel in 2009 Zoella has seen her fanbase skyrocket. She now racks in more than 12 million hits a month with ease and can demand up to £20,000 a month from advertisers looking to place their products alongside her fashion guides.

Sugg has also converted her YouTube success into a brand, publishing a bestselling novel and creating a range of beauty products for Superdrug.

In February, she and Deyes splashed out on a £1m five-bedroom mansion in the Brighton area, now dubbed the Zalfie Pad.