Zara Philips
Zara Philips, daughter of Britain's [Princess Anne], sits astride 'Trigger' a mechanical horse in Hyde Park. Reuters

Zara Phillips confirmed that she would be celebrating her big day in a dress designed by Steward Parvin a personal favourite with her grandmother the Queen herself.

Keeping the designer a secret proved to much, unlike for Princes Kate who played her cards close to her chest and didn't reveal the designer of her wedding dress (Alexander McQueen) until the day she wore it.

The big day for Zara Phillips and husband to be Mike Tindall is the 30<sup>th July, which gives London based designer Steve Parvin under 3 weeks to perfect the dress, of which the specifics have not been revealed. All that is known is that she will opt for a classic design, rather than choosing a wedding dress in line with current trends.

Keeping it simple makes sense, when you think of Zara Phillips not so girly background, being a professional sportswomen her time is spent more on working up a sweat then donning a designer dress.

The decision by Zara to use Parvin has not come without extensive review of his skills, and skills he certainly does have. Parvin is one of the Queen's couturiers gaining a Royal Warrant of Appointment in 2007 after dressing HRH for many years previously. Most recently, the Queen wore a black Stewart Parvin creation during an official visit from the American President, Barack Obama.

Newlyweds Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge are expected to attend the second royal wedding of the year between Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall, as are the bride's grandparents, the Queen and Prince Phillip.

All of Steve Parvin's creations can be seen and bought from his website so if you see yourself as more of a Zara then a Kate, and like the simpler dresses take a look.