Grizzly-polar bear
Grizzly-polar bear

A polar bear has mauled one person to death and seriously injured four other members of a British group in northern Norway, authorities say.

The governor's office in Svalbard district confirmed that four people were in hospital and revealed that following the attack, the bear had been killed.

A spokeswoman said the five people concerned had been travelling with a "British group," but could not confirm whether they are UK citizens.

The UK Foreign Office has also confirmed that its embassy in Oslo is "urgently" looking into the reports.

The attack reportedly took place on Friday at Von Postbreen, about 25 miles (40km) from Longyearbyen, and reports suggest that the four people injured were flown to Longyearbyen hospital and are due to be airlifted to a hospital in Tromso, the governor's office said.

It urged those worried about their relatives to call 0047 7902 4305 or 0047 7902 4302.