An epidemic of a deadly brain-eating amoeba has killed 10 people since May in Karachi, the most densely populated city in Pakistan.

The waterborne parasite known Naegleria fowler is spread through contaminated water entering the body through the nose, where it travels to the brain and destroys tissue. The amoeba first appeared in Karachi in 2006 and this is the first deadly outbreak since then.

The World Health Organisation said it has a fatality rate of 98 % following 7 days of gradually progressive illness. People have been told to avoid, getting water too deep into their nostrils, and make sure their water supply is properly treated.

The organisation confirmed, it can't be transmitted person-to-person and is only spread through contaminated water. Health centres and hospitals in Pakistan have been alerted. And authorities are planning to launch a local campaign to ensure the supply of clean water to its 18 million residents.

Written and presented by Ann Salter