Halo Armour
Halo armour from a YouTube tutorial Halo , Mass Effect and so much more (YouTube)

Over the years, YouTube has provided a platform for people to upload videos on anything from cute cats to pranks they have played on their friends.

However, YouTube is also home to those who wish to share their skills with the wider world.

Many of the site's users upload tutorial videos so that other users can follow them and hopefully learn a new skill.

Gone are the days of DIY projects where you have to pay out for an expensive course or buy a book and trawl through pages of step-by-step instructions. Tutorial videos are often helpful, incredibly informative, and able to be accessed in the time it takes you to type into a search engine.

There are tutorials on just about everything. Here is IBTimes UK's list of 15 things you can learn on YouTube.

1. How to Make Cadbury's Crème Eggs

2. How to Wire a Plug

3. How to Create Ombre Nails

4. How to Become a Zombie

5. How to Do Magic Tricks

6. How to Tie a Tie

7. How to Sew a Skater Dress

8. How to Make the Best Pancakes in the World

9. How to Make Play Doh

10. How to Paint a Car

11. How to Ballroom Dance

12. How to Use Chopsticks

13. How to Make a Paper Water Bomb

14. How to Read Palms

15. How to Make a Halo Armour

This is just part one in a series. Check out the YouTube channel for the full set of tutorials.