We have now entered the digital age, where if you want memorabilia of your favourite celebrities. You don't have to go to a shop and spend money – all you have to do is download a free 3D-scanned file and print your own.

Sir Paul McCartney had to get 3D scanned for the music video of Hope For The Future, a song created for Destiny, a first-person shooter video game which features a hologram of the legendary singer super-imposed on the epic futuristic computer graphics.

The team running McCartney's official website apparently loves 3D printing and they decided to offer fans and 3D printing enthusiasts the 3D data file of his exact dimensions for free, so that they too can make a 3D Paul.

Hungry hungry Clarksons

But don't stop there – CEL, a Bristol-based 3D printer manufacturer, has decided to join in the furore around Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson being suspended "following a fracas" with a producer.

CEL told IBTimes UK that the company were big fans of Top Gear and Clarkson, and "were saddened that the poor chap couldn't get the steak he deserved after a hard day of filming last week".

CEL Robox printing out Jeremy Clarkson\'s head
The CEL Robox printing out Jeremy Clarkson\'s head CEL

To make up for it, CEL has used a 3D modelling program to painstakingly create an artistic model of Clarkson's head from a photograph, with the intent that Clarkson supporters should print out plastic copies of the head and make a special version of the popular children's game Hungry Hungry Hippos.

Users can download a free digital file which will enable them to upgrade the game and easily replace the hippo heads with Clarkson's heads.

This version of Happy Happy Clarksons was printed on the CEL Robox, a consumer-friendly 3D printer born on Kickstarter that comes with two different nozzles and supports both PLS and ABS plastics.