Fireworks illuminate the sky next to a U.S. national flag at the new U.S. embassy during its opening ceremony in Berlin
Fireworks illuminate the sky next to a U.S. national flag at the new U.S. embassy during its opening ceremony in Berlin July 4, 2008. REUTERS/Tobias Schwarz

People around the world are writing Happy Independence Day messages to their Twitter friends in the United States and abroad. It seems that this year, the world is backing the U.S all the way as even the most secular today wrote "God bless America."

"To all my American friends, Happy Independence Day! God bless America!" most tweets read.

"Happy Independence day!! Enjoy time with loved ones and feel gratitude for the freedoms we have," is also among the hundreds of tweet posted by people around the world.

However more than just tweets between friends and family, it appears that governments are now resorting to Twitter to proclaim their love and respect for the U.S.

Thus, on the social network a Tweet from the Kremlin advertises that "Dmitry Medvedev congratulates Barack Obama on Independence Day", while the U.S Embassy of Israel provides a link to" President Shimon Peres' remarks on the 235th Independence Day of the United States of America."

Today the United States has proven that it is still very much the Hegemon as various governments hurried up, bowed over and praised the giant.

For Israel's president, Shimon Peres for example, America is simply indispensable.

"There are more than two hundred and thirty five different things I can say about the wonder, the grandeur, the accomplishment and the spirit that is America - the powerful nation and generous giver. It is the history of a mighty - nay, the mightiest - country that never occupied but always contributed. America is the great nation that was always sensitive to the grim, to the dire, to the impoverished, and made the world a less dangerous one, ready to overcome its flaws."

Some criticize the United States. All of us know that a world without the U.S. would be the greatest mistake of all - for all of us. America became for most of us the indispensable nation. Then, and now."

The Russian president, on the other hand might be a little less emphatic on compliments but nonetheless seize the occasion to point out that a new era has started between the two countries.

"Russian-US relations play a key part in maintaining global security and stability. Our countries have made substantial advances of late in developing constructive and mutually advantageous cooperation in a wide range of areas, from reducing strategic nuclear weapons, to working together on high technology and innovation.

We seek to build on the results of our meeting in Deauville in May and intensify our joint efforts to develop our bilateral relations. I hope that our upcoming contacts over the rest of this year, including your planned visit to Russia, will give us the chance to reach mutually acceptable decisions on a number of important issues, including matters that concern the interests of not just our countries but the entire world."

Independence Day has now become more than just a domestic affair, as it also is taking a diplomatic importance as it represents a way to build on new allegiances and reiterate old friendship, on the international political stage, which bring us back to origins of day itself as Independence Day was never about having fun and sharing barbecues, parades and fireworks but rather about politics, struggle and power.