Adobe has announced that it is set to restore import experience on Lightroom after reviewing several options to address issues on the recently updated app. The previous functionality will be available through a new update.

The company says in a blog post that its team has "reviewed several options" to restore import workflows and is finally set to release a new update with the fix. "We can now confirm that, in our next dot release, we will restore the previous import experience," product manager Tom Hogarty said in a blog post.

Although Adobe is still working on details and timing to release a general update with all the necessary bug fixes, it has provided a detailed document to help users rolling back to Lightroom 6.1.1. The rollback solution is available for Mac OS X and Windows 10 users and is basically showing the steps to uninstall and reinstall Adobe Lightroom package.

"We will continue to investigate ways to improve the ease of use of our photography products and will do so via an open dialog, with both existing and new customers," Hogarty added.

Adobe had released Lightroom version 6.2 earlier this month that brought instability through "a significant crashing bug". The bug was acknowledged by the company soon after it was reported on its forums. Furthermore, Lightroom 6.2.1 was released alongside an apology blog post to fix the bug. That update had also included an improved import experience through removing the "daunting import dialog", which finally resulted the restoration of the entire import workflow.