U.S. student Amanda Knox reacts after hearing the verdict during her appeal trial session in Perugia
U.S. student Amanda Knox reacts after hearing the verdict during her appeal trial session in Perugia October 3, 2011. Reuters

Amanda Knox, along with her former boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito, may have been acquitted of the murder of Meredith Kercher, but for many, the young American girl remains a bit of a mystery and the British student's death remains unsolved.

Knox burst into tears as the verdict was read out in court in Perugia, Italy, understanding she would now be a free woman, after spending four years in jail.

The verdict was based on the weakness of the DNA evidence first advanced by the prosecution after a report pointed out 50 errors made at the crime scene by investigators.

Speaking outside the court, Knox's sister Deanna said the family was "thankful Amanda's nightmare was over. She has suffered for four years for a crime that she did not commit."

Knox might have been acquitted but the verdict leaves the Kercher family searching for answers about what happened the night of Nov. 2, 2007.

Outside the courtroom, some people in the crowd also reacted angrily shouting "Shame!" to the judges and lawyers who were being interviewed.

The Kercher family said their lawyers had had to face a "huge PR machine" during the appeal procedure and their lawyer said the family had been left confused by the verdict.

The media seem perplexed as well, with many reports still trying to understand the different facets of Knox advanced and exposed throughout the trial.

Depicted as a compassionate and hard-working girl by her family, she was described as a predatory, provocative and sex-crazed woman by the prosecution and people who said they knew her in Perugia. So who is the real Knox?

The case also leaves many perplexed as while Knox was cleared of the murder of Kercher she was also handed a three-year, time-served sentence for slandering an innocent bar owner, Patrick Lumumba, for whom she worked at the time.

Many thus question her angelic image by pointing out her false accusations caused much pain and suffering to another innocent person.

Knox is now expected to head back to the U.S., where she will be presented with highly lucrative deals. While the trial mainly presented her as either a pure and innocent girl or as "Foxy Knoxy," the next few months might provide a more realistic image of the American student, yet none of this makes the circumstances of Meredith Kercher's death any clearer.