A video has been released which shows the incredible moment a powerful tornado tears through the outskirts of Venice, destroying large numbers of homes and other buildings.

The amateur video, posted to Facebook by Carlotta Menegazzo, shows from inside a car driving through Mira, a couple miles west of Venice, when they suddenly spot the storm.

As they drive closer to the cone-shaped vortex it begins to spew out debris in their direction, causing them to scream and quickly reverse away from the devastation. As they make their getaway the tornado can be seen tearing off the tops of trees and part of a petrol station.

Elsewhere, the storm left one person dead and another 30 injured as it destroyed dozens of homes in the town of Dolo, 17 miles west of Venice. According to media reports the tornado lifted a car off the ground, killing the driver on impact as it fell down.

According to The Weather Channel, Italy has the 6th highest tornado density per 10,000 square miles, with most European tornadoes occurring between May to September.