Last meal
The last meal of Cameron Willingham depicted in an ad by Amnesty International (Amnesty International/James Reynolds)

Amnesty International has sponsored a series of advertisements depicting the last meals of executed inmates who were later proven innocent, as part of a campaign against the death penalty.

The ads feature a tray filled with the food ordered as the last meal by five prisoners who were executed in the US between 1993 and 2004.

On the side of each image is the name of the prisoner,the year of execution and a declaration of innocence.

"This is the last meal of Cameron Willingham, executed in the year 2004, declared innocent in 2010. We serve justice, not revenge," one caption reads before inviting opponents of capital pubishment to sign an online petition supporting the campaign.

Convicted for arson for setting a fire that killed his three daughters, Willingham was put to death by lethal injection in Texas. However, a 2009 report by The New Yorker cast doubts over the case. Faults in the prosecution case were acknowledged by the Texas Forensic Science Commission a year later.

Charged with robbery and murder for the killing of a liquor store owner in Texas, Claude Jones was executed in Florida in 2000, and proven innocent by a DNA test 10 years later.

Leo Jones died in the electric chair in Florida in 1998 after he was found guilty of killing a police officer. He always maintained his innocence and claimed he had been coerced into confessing.

Also Ruben Cantu and David Spence were proved innocent after being executed.

Claude Jones last meal
Claude Jones was charged with robbery and murder for the killing of a liquor store owner in Texas (Amnesty International/ James Reynolds)