The number one ranked tennis player in the world, Andy Murray, has revealed that his mother, Judy Murray, doesn't do extravagant stocking fillers. She sticks to the same small gifts for him and his brother Jamie every year.

As both brothers are on the road year-round pursuing their tennis careers, Judy likes to make sure they have the basics covered, such as toiletries for staying in hotels.

Andy, who recently won BBC Sports Personality of the Year award, said his mum usually gives him and his brother a £2 coin each, an upgrade from 50p in the past. Other stocking fillers include a tangerine, pants, socks and travel games, according to The Sun.

Judy says: "They are in a position to buy themselves whatever they like. They live so much out of their lives in and out of hotel rooms, they leave their toilet bags behind on a regular basis, so they are always running out. So that's the sort of thing that never goes wrong, and sometimes I think it's the simple things that bring the most joy."

Christmas this year will be Judy's first with her granddaughter, Sophia Olivia, who Andy Murray and wife Kim Sears welcomed in February. Judy recently revealed that she would not want her granddaughter to pick up tennis as a profession claiming it would be "ghastly."