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Judy Murray believes that it would be ghastly if her granddaughter picked up tennis as a career getty

Judy Murray, mother of current world number one Andy Murray has claimed that she would not want her ten-month old granddaughter to pick tennis. She added that she would not call her son "Sir Andy" if he ever receives a knighthood.

Judy, who coached both her sons Andy and Jamie during the early part of their careers said she would not do the same with her granddaughter, revealing that she would not push her to pick up tennis as a career.

"Not sure I would be looking to do that to be honest. I would much rather be looking to teach her to dance. I can't think of anything worse for her. Could you imagine being the child of some well-known tennis player. Every other kid in the block is going to want to beat you aren't they? No, I think it would be ghastly. I hope she does something else", said Judy Murray to BBC.

The Murrays have had a brilliant year, especially Andy who won the Wimbledon championships for a second time and defended his Olympic title securing the gold medal for a consecutive time at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

The 29-year-old also created history becoming the first person from Great Britain to become world number one player since computerized rankings were introduced in 1973. He also became the second oldest player to reach the top spot since John Newcombe did it at the age of 30 in 1974.

These achievements have led to talks of a possible knighthood for Andy Murray, Judy believed that her son is too young for knighthood at the moment.

"Andy's always been about the sport. He's not interested in the fame or fortune. He's always been about working hard and trying to achieve within the sport, those are the things that are important to him. He got an OBE the year that he won Wimbledon in 2013. But I know he's said that he feels too young for something like a knighthood and I certainly don't fancy calling him Sir Andy."