Angela Merkel
Angela Merkel has been targeted by terrorists

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has received a death threat from Islamic extremists who warn that Europe's nations will experience a 'European Summer' similar to the Middle East's 'Arab Spring', according to German newspapers.

A video has been released by a German Islamist calling himself Abu Azzam, in which he vows to take down Germany and Merkel, according to the daily Die Welt.

"Looking back on an Arab Spring, we look forward to a European summer. Osama, waiting for us, we have tasted blood. We want to see Obama and Merkel dead!," says the video message.

Citing the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center, the Islamists threaten similar attacks on German soil.

"You will bleed, your heads will roll (...) Oh Allah, give the German people what it deserves! Know that we get free advertising through you," said the radical Islamist in the video.

He also said that their "troops" are already in position in Germany, to carry out the threatened acts of terrorism.

German officials are reported to be investigating the video in order to assess the gravity of the threat.

"This is an Islamist battle song. It is known to the security services and is being evaluated," said a spokesperson for the Office for the Protection of the Constitution.

The radical Islamist in the video is believed to be one of dozens who moved to Egypt from Germany last year. Many migrant Islamists are regarded as violent extremists who believe in a stricter version of Islam. In Germany there are nearly 4,000 Salafists, the radical Islamists.

The latest threat could be in retaliation against Germany's provision of military transport planes to African troops in Mali.