Anonymous Night of a Thousand Masks 11.11.11: Fresh Batch of Protesters to March on St. Paul’s [VIDEO]
Breaking from its recent slew of hacks and ongoing support for the Occupy series of protests, the Anonymous collective has put out a call to arms asking London residents to re-enact the climactic finale of Alan Moore’s V for Vendetta. Reuters

In response to the ongoing slew of successful hacks hitting U.S. military and government agencies, Randy Vickers -- director of the U.S. computer emergency readiness team -- has stepped down.

Vickers was the head of the U.S. body charged to combat incoming cyber attacks. According to an e-mail obtained by the Reuters news agency, Vickers stepped down from his post last Friday, leaving deputy director Lee Rock temporarily in charge until a suitable replacement can be found.

Already there has been speculation that the director may have resigned or been asked to leave as a consequence of the recent slew of successful attacks -- many by the infamous Anonymous hacking collective -- that have hit the country.

To date in just the last few months, Anonymous and its AntiSec companion LulzSec have enacted successful attacks on Web sites and databases owned by the U.S. Senate, CIA and FBI.

Additionally, just this month U.S. deputy defence secretary William Lynn was forced to admit that an as yet unknown hostile, foreign intelligence agency had successfully made off with as many as 24,000 files from a top Pentagon supplier.

As yet, no official news regarding the exact reason for Vickers' sudden exodus from the department has been given.