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Anonymous follows up attack on Supreme Court of India and Congress by targeting website of Nepal stock exchange (Anonops) Anonops

Following its attack on the Supreme Court of India and the Congress, the Anonymous hacking collective has taken down the website belonging to Nepal's stock exchange in protest against the government and the business elite.

"We are Anonymous," a statement on Pastebin read. "We have attacked numerous times in last 5 days."

Earlier, a tweet by a prominent member of Anonymous called Anonymous Central read: "Dear #Nepal, time to change your government :

Nepal's political parties have recently signed a deal to draft a new constitution for the Himalayan nation by 27 May.

Since the abolition of its monarchy in 2008, the country has struggled to set up a new constitution, with successive governments missing several deadlines that have been set up.

The Unified Communist Party of Nepal organised a mass protest in February to mark the 17th anniversary of the start of their "people's war" in Katmandu.

""We have reached a consensus on creating 11 states and their names will be decided by provincial assemblies to be elected later," Ram Chandra Paudel, leader of the Nepali Congress Party, was quoted by Reuters as saying. "This means we will prepare the constitution in time."

In its statement, Anonymous directed its criticism to Nepal's political and business elite.

"We are collaborating with Nepalese hackers and hacktivists who claim they want to DDoS the site because trading money for money is gambling, and is not productive to others except for the winners of the gamble," the statement said. "Hence, getting rid of such worthless culture of the business elites is very necessary, especially in the underdeveloped country in Nepal.

"While they enjoy their money, power and first world life standards, there are people who are dying because they don't have anything to eat in the same country," it added.

The latest development took place after the collective crashed the websites of the Supreme Court of India and the Congress in retaliation against the government's plan to create a super-watchdog to police the internet.

Anonymous announced the attack on Twitter, citing its opposition to internet censorship as its reason for crashing the site as it called for a new government of India.

The Indian government has asked Google, Facebook and other internet companies to screen content from users in the country before posting it online, according to The New York Times.

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