Following its successful DDoS attack on the UK Home Office website over the Easter weekend, the hacktivist's next target is the government's secret listening post at GCHQ.

Anonymous Threatens GCHQ

Anonymous forced the Home Office offline on Saturday as part of the #OpTrialAtHome effort which was in protest at the extradition of three Britons to the US including Pentagon hacker Gary McKinnon, businessman Christopher Tappin and TVShack's Richard O'Dwyer.

The group warned whitehall it would repeat the attacks every Saturday. The government's communications headquarters, GCHQ, is next on the list in protest against the proposed new surveillance laws which have been roundly derided.

The government was proposing to introduce new laws to let GCHQ operatives monitor mail, social media communications, websites visited and text messages. Although the content of these will not accessible without a warrant, the new legislation would allow the GCHQ to monitor who a user is contacting, how frequently and from where.

In a flyer posted online, Anonymous has said the next target of the #OpTrialAtHome movement will be GCHQ. The flyer states the attack is planned for 8pm on 14 April and its aim is to "Fight Online Privacy."

The flyer encourages people to "Fire your lazers @" The flyer also gives the IP address of the website. DDoS attacks are among the simplest tools in a hackers armoury and it would be embarrassing more than anything if such an attack was able to take down the website of the government's covert surveillance operation.