Anonymous Hackers Release Statement, Live Video Stream of Adbusters’ Occupy Wall Street Protest
Following the launch of Adbusters' Occupy Wall Street protest on Saturday, hacker collective Anonymous has released a fresh statement and live video feed explaining and chronicling its involvement. Wikimedia

While its AntiSec campaign continues, Anonymous hackers have released a recruitment video for a new three phase coordinated plan it promises will change the world.

The video appeared on Anonymous' AnonOps website earlier today -- though the voice-over suggests that it was made midway through last month.

In the video Anonymous unveil a new "one year plan" that will lead to "a world of change".

The new three phase plan was revealed after the video listed Anonymous' previous exploits and showed excerpts of various media outlets reactions.

Towards the end of the video, the voice over shifts its emphasis from Anonymous past exploits, going on to outline what it wants people to do to help in its new campaign, highlighting the first stage of its one year plan as recruitment.

The video calls for the viewer to "familiarise" themselves with "global injustices" and spread Anonymous' message of "resistance":

"Depict the images of freedom, and truth through your art and film... Tell the elite we are here and we are coming for them," said the video's voice-over.

The video ended with the promise that it would announce the second phase of its new plan in November this year and ended with the words: "We are Anonymous, united as one, divided by Zero, phase one initiated. The resistance is here."

The new comes as the hacker collective is in the midst of its AntiSec campaign. The campaign began last month when Anonymous joined forces with the now disbanded LulzSec hacker collective. The campaign's goal has since been clarified as to protest and punish any and all governments or companies attempts to moderate or censor the internet.

To date the AntiSec campaign has hit numerous targets including the Turkish, American and Italian governments.

This week the U.K. put forward a call for a united global response to hacker groups such as Anonymous. The call came alongside the launch of the International Cyber Security Protection Alliance (ICSPA) which will work with each country's law enforcement to develop new ways to combat hackers and cyber criminals.