Apple had a couple of years back, hired many engineers and researchers to work on its augmented reality technology. However, in the interim, we didn't get a squeak for the company about augmented reality. The company's new iteration of its iOS operating system – iOS 13 may have revealed what the company was working on all this time.

Developer Steve Troughton-Smith posted a tweet on Monday, stating that "The iOS 13 GM also comes with a readme file (!) for how employees can run Stereo AR apps on an iPhone when you don't have access to Apple's headset."

His tweet indicates that the company is working on an augmented reality headset. While the device has been rumoured to be in the works for long, the fact that clues have come up in iOS 13 indicates that it is indeed something that Apple could launch sooner or later.

iOS 13 is highly focused on augmented reality – Guilherme Rambo who works for 9to5 Mac has revealed that the operating system comes with a Starboard system shell. It will enable the system to run stereo augmented reality apps.

Smith has further stated that Apple's augmented reality tech may work alone or by using the phone with an accompaniment – in the form of a headset/gamepad/motion control device. This indicates a focus on gaming – if his assumption is correct, it would mean that the iPhone may function as a screen and the accompanying accessory may function like gaming consoles such as Xbox and PlayStation do.

Apple was conspicuously silent about augmented reality at the recently held Worldwide Developer's conference, but that too is not out of character for the company. The company likes the razzmatazz of surprising consumers with new features and always builds up excitement towards its launches.

The company is yet to reveal anything about its augmented reality or virtual reality projects. However, the code has revealed that it has something different than usual in the pipeline.

Since this year is almost over and Apple has already revealed the new iPhones, expectations are set for the company launching an AR device next year.

The Apple logo is seen on the building of an Apple store in Beijing on January 4, 2019. (Photo: NICOLAS ASFOURI/AFP/Getty Images)