Blog of all things Apple, 9to5mac, has posted what it claims to be a photograph of the Black Friday price cuts, which are expected to be introduced for one day only on Friday, 25 Nov.

The price cuts include $101 (£64) off the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and iMac ranges, as well as discounts on iPods, ranging from $11 for the Nano to $41 for the iPod touch models and up to $61 off high-end iPads.

Apple's Black Friday discounts
Black Friday discounts.     Credit:

Other discounts apparently include an $11 discount on the iPad 2 Smart Covers, wireless keyboard and Magic Trackpad, plus $5 off a $50 voucher for iTunes, the AppStore or the iBookstore.

The discounts are very similar to those seen last year and should roughly translate in the UK to a £60 price cut on Macs, as well as between £5 and £40 off the iPad and iPod ranges, depending on the model and storage capacity.

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and is a day when American shops open very early and slash prices for one day only as part of the run-up to Christmas. The day is not as celebrated in the UK, but both Apple and Amazon offer discounts to us Brits.

All this week, Amazon is offering "Lightening Deals", which include up to 50 per cent off products such as 3D televisions, DVDs, video games and tens of thousands of other items.