Fourth-gen Apple TV
Apple has been rumoured for a while to be working on a streaming deal with major US networks but nothing has been worked out as yet Apple

Apple has been contemplating launching a Netflix-like streaming service for quite some time now and with Apple TV's set top box last year many thought the company could be rolling out the service by 2016. Now, the CEO Of US-based CBS, Leslie Moonves, has said that even though the network was in talks with Apple to work out a deal, the discussions have now been stalled.

"We had conversations a while back but we haven't had recent conversations with them," said Moonves on CNN Money when asked if a possible Apple-CBS deal was still in the works. In the past, Moonves had said his network was quite excited about the fact that they might sign a deal with Apple to bring out web-based content through a streaming service.

CBS is the most watched network in the US and with exclusive web-based content developing a rapid growth courtesy Netflix of course, the network would have been a perfect choice for Apple to pin their hopes on. However, it seems the negotiations have not gone as per plan.

Although CBS has rolled out some recent digital moves like the in-house CBS All Access streaming service, it still does not have a great presence in the web-based content market. Moonves said CBS will definitely be part of such a service in the future if the price was right.

This puts a question mark over whether Apple will at all come out with its streaming service via Apple TV. In December 2015, it was rumoured that Apple had suspended its plans for the web TV service due to the struggles it was facing in negotiating with networks like CBS.