iPhone Nano 2012 Release: Apple Rumoured to Launch its Mini Smartphone Reuters

Apple has already proved itself in the technology world by offering some of the best smartphones, tablets, PCs and laptops.

The main element in the success of Apple's smartphones has been games. The App Store is loaded with fun and exciting games like Angry Birds and Tiny Wings. It has really enticed Apple fans worldwide. Apple could compete directly with others with its amazing gaming apps.

Currently, the iOS games have dominated the smartphone gaming space. Tech enthusiasts expect a higher version of iOS which could be capable of handling most of the graphics-intensive gaming apps. "In the end, the whole 'console' concept will be infinitesimally small, a relic of the bygone PC era, compared with the mainstream gaming market on iOS," elaborated Cult of Mac.

The company has been rumoured to be working on a television set which could be perfect for big-screen gaming. It remains to be seen if Apple would enter the console market. Rather than dealing with latest console gadgets, the tech giant could continue to offer more exciting gaming apps.

If Apple TV enters the market, then most of the casual players would not need a console. IGN claims that the rumoured Apple TV could provide an interface which could take gamers beyond the remote control by using a blend of Siri voice control and Kinect-like manipulation.

Speculation is rampant over why Apple CEO Tim Cook would visit Valve headquarters in Washington. But finally Gabe Newell, Valve CEO, claimed that none of them met Tim Cook or anybody at Apple that day. "Apple is the most important company in the business, and yet it's the biggest player without a hand in what we should probably still refer to as the console market," elaborated IGN. Probably, more interesting and exciting gaming apps could be introduced into the market.