DK Publishing has released a digital version of the Diablo 3 Official Strategy Guide on the iPad.

Diablo III 3 Official Strategy Guide ipad digital edition

However, the $9.99 book (£6.42) can only be read on an iPad using iBooks 2.

Written by BradyGames, the 619 page guide promises to work as a "fully interactive tool" that can "take your strategy even further".

It features the full content from the printed guide and adds in eight videos showing you how to fight the most difficult bosses, screenshots showing close-up views of the action and additional strategy hints.

Pop-up enemy stats also ensure you know exactly what you're facing and the guide contains every monster in the game.

"This complete quest guide covers all four acts in the adventure, as well as in-depth coverage of the five character classes, so whether you choose to play as a Witch Doctor, Barbarian, Wizard, Monk or Demon Hunter, you have the information you need," the iTunes listing says.

Sceptics may point out that there is a pretty good guide to the world of Sanctuary - including items such as weapons and gems and information on character classes and in-game characters - available for free on

Also, if you buy the print version for $23.57 you get a sculptured metal bookmark featuring Diablo's head.

Comments on the official Blizzard blog posting about the guide suggested that the main value of a digital version would be that it could be updated to reflect any patches or other changes in the Diablo 3 universe.

"Will there at least be updates for the digital copy to reflect changes to the game? I mean, the print copy doesn't even have a list of gems ANYWHERE," said Battle.Net user NinjaBoots, adding: "A digital copy, without updates or additional information added, seems even more useless."

Whether future updates will be available is unclear at this point and DK Publishing had not responded to our enquiry at time of posting.

Other user bemoaned the fact that the digital guide for Diablo 3 is only available on the iPad.

"At least release a copy for Android users," said user Boney, while Armored said, "Can we have this on the Kindle Fire?"

Diablo III 3 Official Strategy Guide print edition free bookmark sculptured metal bookmark head
Buy the print edition of the Diablo 3 Official Strategy Guide and you get a free metal bookmark shaped like Diablo\'s head