The iPhone 13 is not set for release until the second half of this year, but that did not stop rumors about supposed features that the highly anticipated smartphone could have. The latest leaks indicate that Apple's upcoming flagship will feature portrait mode on video, Always-On display, and improved MagSafe capabilities. If true, then these features will greatly enhance the smartphone experience of would-be owners.

The sources of the latest leaks were Max Weinbach, an XDA Developers writer and XDA TV video producer, and EverythingApplePro, a YouTube channel run by Russian-American Filip Koroy. They claimed that the iPhone 13 family will feature the enhanced features mentioned above, Apple Insider reported.

In the past, rumors revealed that Apple would improve the ultra-wide angle camera on its new flagship smartphones by upgrading its apertures to f/1.8 and it also plans to include an astrophotography mode to the upcoming iPhone 13, along with a Portrait Mode for videos. All of these camera improvements are possible with the help of the LiDAR sensor, something which all models in the iPhone 13 lineup could have.

EverythingApplePro and Weinbach also said that Apple might include an Always-On display feature to the iPhone 13. The rumor is not that new, however, as such talks were already rife since Apple started using OLED panels beginning with the iPhone X. The feature failed to materialize with the iPhone X and succeeding models, though sources believe Apple could introduce the feature in the upcoming iPhone 13.

Rumors also indicate that Apple will introduce an improved MagSafe feature with extended capabilities, though the recent information leak did not indicate the type of improvements that the company made. Apple unveiled the MagSafe feature on its iPhone 12 family and many third-party manufactures already got on board with the feature through dozens of MagSafe accessories.

iPhone 13 rumored portrait mode video Photo: Apple Inc. / Apple Inc.

While most of the leaks are enough to excite any iOS device user, it is still up to Apple if it will include or omit the rumored features. Take the case of the Always-On display, which has been talked about since the release of the iPhone X. Two series later, the company still did not include it. This does not mean though that Apple will omit it once more as the feature is long overdue. As for the other rumored features, everyone will see whether they are true or not when Apple finally unveils the new iPhone 13 in the second half of this year.