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New reports have emerged suggesting that Apple's highly anticipated next iPhone will launch Oct. 2011, with its tablet sibling the iPad 3 following in early 2012. Apple

New reports suggest that Apple plans to release its highly anticipated iPhone 4S and iPad 3 devices in October.

The new report came from Macotakara. The unofficial Mac site said an unnamed source had confirmed to it that Apple had already set plans in motion to ensure that the iPad 3 and "iPhone 4S" devices would be ready early next month -- thus ensuring the two devices availability for a "late October" release.

The source's comments specifically referred to the iPhone 4S as opposed to the iPhone 5.

Despite the lack of official information, the iPhone 4S refers to the rumored budget handset Apple is reportedly planning on releasing alongside its next-generation iPhone 5. The device is speculated as being of similar specs as the current iPhone 4, but with upgraded internal components and a reduced price.

Another recent rumour about Apple's iPhone 4S suggested that the device would store all its data and files using the company's iCloud service. The report alleged that the decision was made to allow the company to cut down the device's internal storage, thus reducing its end cost.

Apple declined to comment on the authenticity of Macotakara's most recent rumour.