Apple announced their latest smartphone last night, the iPhone 5, saying that it's the thinnest, lightest and fastest handset ever.

At the press conference in San Francisco, Apple's marketing executive Phil Schiller unveiled the device.

"So, let's take a look at the brand new iPhone 5. It's an absolute jewel, it is the most beautiful product we have ever made, bar none."

The new iPhone boasts a larger 4in screen, with a 640 x 1136 resolution. The new in-cell technology means that Apple has been able to integrate the display and touch sensitive panel into one piece, making this the thinnest iPhone ever.

The iPhone 5's 8 megapixel camera can now take snaps 40 per cent more quickly, and take panorama pictures for the first time.

"We've taken an iPhone 5, we've taken pictures from it and these are from the camera untouched and see what you think. The ocean is just bluer on the iPhone 5, kids look happier and the world is just a more beautiful place when you take pictures with the iPhone."

Apple has also ditched the 30-in pin dock connector and replaced it with a 9-in versions called Lightning. The phone runs on Apple's latest operating system iOS 6, that now boasts its own version of Maps after ditching Google's version.

Perhaps the most important aspect of the phone for UK consumers is that the phone can work on a wide range of 4G services, meaning that an iPhone running on the super-fast broadband will be available to EE customers over here.

As with previous model, the iPhone 4S, the iPhone 5 will come in 16, 32 and 64GB versions. In the UK, the 16GB iPhone 5 will cost £529 SIM-free, and will be available from 21 September.

Written and presented by Alfred Joyner