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A fake and unplayable game claiming to be of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise appears to have slipped through Apple's famously tight AppStore net, mugging customers of $5 in the process.

The game, called Ninja Turtles, uses the official logo of the franchise, but once opened, apparently is unplayable and there is now obvious way to start the game again.

"There aren't any turtles in the game," one reviewer wrote on the AppStore. Another said: "The character immediately slides off the side of the screen. There seems to be no way to actually interact with the game. And there doesn't seem to be any way to start a new game...that blog that slides off the screen during the actual game isn't an identifiable as a turtle. Or much of anything."

Safe to say, the game doesn't live up to expectations, and it seems that the developer, Dang Van Phuong, doesn't own a Ninja Turtles license; rights to the brand, which are thought to include rights to video games - are owned by Nickelodeon.

The game was published on the AppStore more than six weeks ago, which raises questions about Apple's previously tight application submittal process; there must surely be some red faces at Apple's App Review Board, which has previously refused applications for much smaller - and less illegal - issues.

Another review read: "Visiting the developer website and the support site both go to the same spammy, Vietnamese-language website selling iPhone and iPod accessories. There's doesn't appear to be any actual support. Deleted and refund requested."