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Philippe Starck, a famous French designer, earlier spoke about working on a "revolutionary" Apple product, in a radio interview later quoted by France Info.

"Indeed, there is a big project together which will be out in eight months," the designer had said. We do know Starck did meet the late former founder and Chief Executive of Apple Inc., Steve Jobs, on a regular basis. The question is - why?

Starck's previous work ranged from the interior design of hotels and restaurants to the production of items like toothbrushes, chairs and alarm clocks. In addition, he designed iPhone and iPod speakers and headphones for Parrot. According to AppDevice, Starck could also have been working on the iPanel television, which could appear as a "revolutionary" product.

It was speculated the renowned designer could have been involved in the design of the next-generation iPhone, Apple TV or future Apple stores, any of which could be construed as being "revolutionary". Starck neglected to provide details and the teaser remained just that - a real mystery.

It now appears the mystery has been solved.

An Apple spokeswoman was quoted, in an All Things D report, as saying: "The tech giant is not at all working on a new product or any project with Philippe Starck." She also failed to comment on what the designer may have been referring to when he made his first comment.

We know now, however, Starck was actually working with Jobs on a yacht for the Apple founder. This was back in 2009 and the designer was involved in creating a design that was to be very minimalistic and smooth, with 40-feet long glass walls.

"Starck was not speaking about a project with Apple, but rather a partnership with Apple co-founder Steve Jobs himself," said Gilles Dounes, the Editor-in-Chief of the French language Mac Web, according to a report in AppleInsider, Moreover Dounes explained that in France Starck was known as someone who liked to create a lot of buzz for his projects to create publicity. A sketch of the yacht with a glass roof was also found on Starck's Website; the sketch has since been removed.