Apple is seeking bans on the sale of eight Samsung smartphones. Following the ruling from a US jury on Friday, that ordered Samsung, to pay Apple over £664m,that it had, copied several of the iPhone maker's software and design innovations.

Apple's lawsuit encompassed 28 devices, and many of those accused products are no longer widely available. Apple has previously succeeded in getting similar sales bans in place for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone and the Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet.

Analysts report that as a result of this, Apple will increase its leading smartphone share in the US market, and that this verdict could lead to Samsung also delaying near-term product launches as it attempts to design around Apple's patents.

Meanwhile on Wall street it was jubilation for Apple as shares hit an all-time high of $680 Microsoft's was up about 0.4% and Google's was down by 1.4%.

This victory is a big blow to Google, whose Android software powers the Samsung products that were found to infringe on Apple patents.Google and its hardware partners, including the company's own Motorola unit, could now face further legal hurdles in their effort to compete with the Apple juggernaut.

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