Ariana Grande fans are using a unique way to pay tribute to the victims of the Manchester attack after the pop star expressed her sorrow following the explosion at her concert.

The pop star's gig descended into chaos after a blast went off in the foyer of the arena just moments after she closed the show. Police confirmed on Tuesday (23 May) that the death toll currently stands at 22 with a further 59 injured.

In the wake of the tragedy, the US songstress, who was not physically hurt, shared a message on Twitter saying she was "broken", telling fans that she had no words for the events that had transpired.

Her message to her 45.7m followers read: "Broken. from the bottom of my heart, I am so so sorry. I don't have words."

Although she has yet to release a statement on the remaining dates of her The Dangerous Woman Tour, TMZ reports that the 23-year-old was 'in no condition to perform'.

In a show of solidarity, fans have been posting graphics of a ribbon with bunny ears, similar to the singer's trademark look, on Facebook and Instagram.

Many have also chosen to make reference to the song Better Days, her 2016 collaboration with Victoria Monet, which features the lines: " Baby, there's a war right outside our window/Don't you hear the people fighting for their lives? Baby, there's a war right outside our window/ But it's gon' be alright 'long as I got you with me."

One caption read: "hoping for better days".

A stunned fan wrote: "My deepest condolences to everyone affected. I also want to say I hope Ariana takes a break, and I really hope she is do [doing] well. I love her with all my heart. I remember I went to one of her concerts this year at the forum, and the metal detector beeped but they still let them in. I didn't think much of but I really to point of how careless the arena security can be. Sorry for the trauma this has caused."

Amongst the hashtags trending online are #PrayForManchester, #PrayForArianators, #PrayForArianaGrande and #StayStrongArianator.