Ariana Grande has reacted to the shocking terror attack that resulted in heavy causalities during her concert at Manchester Arena on Monday (22 May) night.

She took to Twitter to express her grief at the fatal explosion that killed at least 22 people and injured 59 others who are being treated in six hospitals across Manchester.

The 23-year-old pop star said she is "broken" and has no words to express her grief. "From the bottom of my heart, I am so so sorry. I don't have words," she tweeted following the attack.

Fellow pop singer Katy Perry also extended her support for the singer: "Broken hearted for the families tonight. Broken hearted for Ari. Broken hearted for the state of this world."

Miley Cyrus has offered her "sincere condolences" for the victims of the deadly explosion and wished to give a "big hug" to her friend following the shocking event. "Wishing I could give my friend @ArianaGrande a great big hug right now. Love love love you. So sorry you had to be a part of such a tragic event," she captioned an image of her and the Break Free singer. "My most sincere condolences to anyone and everyone affected by this horrific attack! All I can do is, send as much HOPE & PEACE your way! This MUST end! No more war .... no more innocent lives taken."

A TMZ report claimed the singer was "in hysterics" after learning of the deaths and injuries at her concert. Soon after the blast, the singer's spokesperson released a brief statement saying she is "ok". However, the singer is reportedly in deep shock – which could affect her future show, scheduled to take place on 25 May in London at the O2 Arena. The singer is reportedly "in no condition to perform".

Grande's reps are yet to release a public statement on the future of her tour.

Meanwhile, eyewitness accounts reveal the horrifying details of the fateful evening. "Everyone immediately started running out and screaming. It's absolute chaos. There's a helicopter circling the area and armed police officers everywhere. Lots of people are stranded because the trains aren't leaving Manchester now and the bus station is closed. We're stuck in the car park," an eyewitness told Us Weekly.

Ariana Grande explosion
Ariana Grande said she is 'sorry' for the blast that killed her fans during her concert in Manchester Paras Griffin/Getty