There is absolutely no doubt that Taylor Fritz is a talented tennis player, but the same can't be said about his drawing skills. The American left fans shocked after he drew what many thought was a "penis" on the camera lens after his first round win over Nikoloz Basilashvili in the first round of the Australian Open.

It has been customary for broadcasters to approach match winners during tennis tournaments to ask them to sign the camera lens. Fritz is used to this and readily took the marker that was handed to him after he secured his first victory at the Grand Slam event in Melbourne.

The 25-year-old signed the lens and drew something above his signature which many thought to be male genitalia. Fans who were watching the match live from all over the world were amused, shocked and outraged all at the same time.

However, Fritz quickly took to social media to explain himself. Apparently, he was trying to draw something else entirely. What looked like a male body part to some people was actually his attempt to draw a padlock emoji. "For ur information i was trying to draw a 🔒 emoji.... I just forgot the very important fact that I suck at drawing," he said.

He did not explain further why he wanted to draw a lock as a symbol for his victory, but he made it clear that it was his lack of artistic ability that caused the misunderstanding.

Reactions were more hilarious than the drawing itself. "Oh my god. I really though it was something else for your opponent," said one fan. Another commented that he might have been drawing Prince Harry's "frozen todger."

Others urged Fritz to keep his day job, clearly agreeing that he lacks drawing skills. Fritz will face Alexei Popyrin in the second round on Thursday, and it remains to be seen what he will do if he wins that match and is handed a marker once more.

Taylor Fritz
Taylor Fritz AFP / Christophe ARCHAMBAULT