Wolverine battles The Hulk
Wolverine battles The Hulk postingcomicbookart.com

As if Avengers: Age of Ultron wasn't star-studded enough, X-Men: Days of Future Past star Hugh Jackman recently expressed his interest in joining the superhero team.

The Wolverine fighting bad guys alongside The Avengers on the big screen – wouldn't that be something.

IGN recently caught up with Jackman and asked him who he'd like to see Wolverine team up with in his dream superhero movie.

"I would love to see him as part of The Avengers" Jackman admitted. "Because there's a great dysfunction among that team, and I think Wolverine would fit right into that. He'd like that."

Fans of the movie would agree that the team-up wouldn't work until the hotheaded heroes battle each other first, before taking on a common enemy. When asked if there was any one particular Avenger he would want to fight with on-screen, Jackman replied:

"There's no doubt he'd get in a fight with Hulk at some point. Those two bad, rage-filled characters are going to square off at some point. It would be quite fun. I don't know how much fun to shoot it would be because I'm sure I'd be on the worst end of it, but hey, he can heal."

The X-Men actor also stated that he would like to see his character match with Robert Downey Jr's Tony Stark in the movie.

"Jackman said the same thing last year after The Avengers hit theaters so hopefully his proposition doesn't fall on deaf ears this time around. Avengers vs X-Men would make for an epic big screen adaptation," states a Yahoo Movies report.

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