Captain Marvel
Captain Marvel Captain-Marvel-Carol-Danvers/facebook

It seems like girl-power is the order of the day down at Marvel Studios. Producer Kevin Feige is keen on bringing more female superheroes on to the big screen and Captain Marvel appears to be one of the frontrunners.

Talking about a potential solo Black Widow film, Feige said, in an interview with Badass Digest:

Scarlett Johansson stars as Black Widow in The Avengers
Scarlett Johansson stars as Black Widow in The Avengers avengers/facebook

"Frankly if we do a Black Widow movie after Age of Ultron, when she's been central in three or four movies I don't think we'd get the quote unquote credit for it. People would say 'She's already a big giant superhero!' But if we had a great idea, we'd do it."

When asked about the studio's plans regarding female superhero films, Feige said, "I like the idea if we're going to do a [female lead] do a new one. Do a wholly new character, do an origin story."

The Marvel producer then responded positively towards the prospect of doing a Captain Marvel film: "We've talked a lot about her," revealed Feige, "I think that would be very cool."

The Badass Digest interviewer stated that as per sources, an iteration of Captain Marvel onscreen by 2016 - either at the end of Phase Two or the beginning of Phase Three - in another Marvel movie, is in works.

Captain Marvel offers a lot of opportunities as there have been three heroes who have that basic moniker, states the BD report.

There's Carol Danvers, the original Ms. /Captain Marvel, a service member who got powers from the alien Kree.

There's Monica Rambeau, a black woman who could control, and change her body into, light, went by Captain Marvel and led the Avengers.

And there's a new Ms. Marvel, a Muslim teenager named Kamala Khan, who has shape-shifting powers.

For now, looks like fans will have to make do with Black Widow as a supporting character in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, when the film opens on 28 March, 2014.