• LAP 57/57 Final Classification - HAM, RAI, ROS, BOT, VET, RIC, GRO, PER, KVY, MAS, ALO, NAS, HUL, ERI, MAL, STE, MEH
  • Hamilton wins his third race of the season
  • Kimi takes second, Rosberg third
  • Retirements - Button, Sainz, Verstappen
  • McLaren's Jenson Button will not start the 2015 Bahrain Grand Prix due to ERS problems
  • Hamilton starts on pole for the fourth race in a row
  • Vettel splits the two Mercedes' to start second
  • Rosberg and Raikkonen occupy third row
Lewis Hamilton

A brilliant drive by Kimi to recover from a slow first stint and finish in second. But Hamilton continues his domination taking his third win of the season.


Mercedes boss confirms that both cars lost their breaks on the final lap. One more lap and Kimi would have had Hamilton.


Ricciardo has a huge engine blow up as he crosses the line!


Hamilton wins!!!! his third race of the season. Kimi takes second ahead of Rosberg. Vettel fails to pass Bottas and comes home fifth behind the Williams driver.


FINAL LAP!!! Hamilton on course for victory.


Hamilton is on his final lap and complains of break problems. Kimi is 6 seconds back.


LAP 56/57 - Rosberg has gone wide on turn 1 and Kimi has taken second. He immediately fights back, but the Finn is holding on.


LAP 54/57 - Vettel almost goes into the back of Bottas in the first turn, as Kimi is now under 2 seconds behind Rosberg.


LAP 52/57 - Vettel still struggling to pass Bottas, as Perez takes Massa for eighth


LAP 50/57 - Kimi has passed the back markers and the Mercedes' are in view.


7 LAPS TO GO!! and Kimi is 5.8secs behind Rosberg


LAP 49/57 - Vettel struggling to overtake Bottas, as Kimi is stuck behind back markers


Vettel having a scrappy evening on track, lots of lock ups and off track moments


LAP 48/57 - Rosberg instructs his engineer not to tell him the gap to Kimi anymore!! Doing a Hamilton there.


Kimi has taken 9 seconds out of Rosberg's time in 5 laps. Can he catch him. Mercedes certainly thinks so.


LAP 45/57 - Vettel on Bottas' tail, as Kimi catching Rosberg at about 1.5 seconds a lap as of now.


LAP 43/57 - Kimi sets the fastest lap of the race as Hamilton complains of tyre deg


LAP 41/57 - Kimi has done his final stop and comes out in third place. Vettel is in fifth and catching Valtteri Bottas. The Finn is a little too far away to catch Rosberg today.


LAP 39/57 - Kimi has been left out too long and that means Mercedes' 1-2 is all but in the bag.


LAP 36/57 - Renault prediction of possible DNF for the Renault powered cars has come true as Max Verstappen now retires.

Vettel complaining of front wing damage, and he comes in for a wing change. Raikkonen in the box seat for third place.


LAP 36/57 - Vettel runs wide on the final turn and Rosberg has taken him yet again this race.


LAP 35/57 - Vettel has taken Rosberg on the undercut yet again. Rosberg will have to overtake him for the third time if he wants to finish second.


LAP 34/57 - Hamilton pits, as more drivers come in for their second stops


LAP 33/57 - Vettel has come in for his final stop.